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Ségou - Mali

Les Componentes du Festival sur le Niger

Les Festival sur le Niger, Ségou, Mali

Musical Creation Residencies

Creation Residence and hip hop party

A creation residence on the theme «Culture and Citizenship» with young rappers from West Africa coordinated by Monza (Mauritania) and Master Soumi (Mali), followed by a restitution event organized in the village of Festival. It will be an opportunity to contribute with youth and musical sounds to the efforts of social cohesion, peace and citizenship in order to promote peaceful coexistence and to living together as a guarantee of stability and development. 

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Two musicians, two training courses, separated by three decades of musical practice. José Mucavéle has introduced traditional elements into his own music, mixing them with urban genres to create his unique acoustic style that has influenced many other popular music artists. José Mucavelé is a legend of Mozambican music. He will make a musical creation with the young prodigy of the Kora from Mali, Adama Keita.

Adama started to perform the kora at the age 4 years old. At 21, he belongs to the young generation of musicians of Bamako attracted by the modern music but he remains much attached to the traditional music. He works on all styles and excels in arrangements. 

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Singer Guitarist, songwriter, performer and arranger, Saintrick discovered music in the early 80’s in Dakar, Senegal, where he grew up to the age of 15. A fan of Ismael Lô, his first love was the harmonica. Passing from the flute to the accordion, he discovered the guitar on his return to Congo in 1983 and until then turns it into his instrument of predilection. Saintrick carefully performs music, choreography and writes texts to create his show and music, a true symbiosis of Senegalese and Congolese rhythms. He will make an exchange of musical rhythmic rich in colors with the young artists of the Kôrè orchestra of Ségou. 

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Under the surface is a project of drummer Joost Lijbaart (Amsterdam 1967) together with guitarist Bram Stadhouders (Tilburg 1987), and the young talented singer Sanne Rambags (Tilburg 1994). Lijbaart belongs to the top of the Dutch jazz scene, Bram Stadhouders is one of the most promising new young musicians in the European improvisation circuit and he received many awards and Sanne Rambags is one of the few singers of her generation who is able to improvise in a very open way, sometimes with self-written texts and poems, sometimes by positioning herself completely between the musicians.

Under the Surface is a unique trio of three musicians from different generations who have found each other in a common urge to improvise and to give a free approach to the original compositions in their search to space and silence.
This trio will make a musical creation with the Malian prodigy of the Kora, Madou Sidiki Diabaté.

Madou SIDIKI DIABATE is a kora player steeped in tradition and he plays for his Jatigui. But his journey also leads him to original creations. For him, the kora is a gift given to his family, playing is natural for him and one feels in his music the strength of tradition and creative contemporary ingenuity. 


Résidences de Création Arts visuels


Pascal Konan was born April 15, 1979 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire). Former student of the National School of Fine Arts in Abidjan, he later opted for teaching with which he combines pictorial activity. Currently painting teacher in the said school, Pascal Konan focuses his work on the stages of the African daily life by random spots available to which he gives the shapes and contours overprinted. Figurative painter, he has directed several works through which the painted subjects revolving around the perennial debate on the concept of “happiness and the human condition.” Through a joint technical, Pascal Konan, in the current context where social division and degradation of the human condition are increasing, advocates individual action as a means to materialize humanism.