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Ségou - Mali

Les Componentes du Festival sur le Niger

Les Festival sur le Niger, Ségou, Mali



The Symposium of Ségou (formerly the Scientific Forum) is held annually during the Festival sur le Niger.
Since its first edition in 2005, it sets up an international space for discussion and exchanges on major issues and
challenges faced by our society. The Colloquium brings together researchers, creators and decision-makers.
The Festival sur le Niger will be celebrating its 14th edition this year in the city of Ségou, the former capital of the
Bambara kingdom. Ségou is historically rich and is well known for the diversity of its artistic and cultural expressions and especially the particularity of its architecture. Thus the 2018 edition of the Festival sur le Niger will celebrate Ségou and its architecture, hence the choice of this year’s theme: «Ségou, city of architecture». The architecture of Ségou is of Sudano-Sahelian type. It corresponds to an urban or monumental architecture in raw earth. The buildings are made of banco bricks, a mixture of clay macerated with straw, rice balls and possibly shea butter. Other characteristic elements include pilasters, reinforcing pillars slightly higher than the wall and ending with an ogive cross. Therefore for this fourteenth edition of the Symposium we are invited to reflect on the stakes and prospects of earthen architecture in particular the example of Ségou and its relevance in the context of increasing urbanization of our cities. Confirmed panelists for the 2018 Symposium of Ségou are: Abderrahim Kassou (Morocco), Mamadou Jean- Charles Tall (Senegal), Berend van der Lans (African Architecture Matters, Netherlands), Abdoulaye Deyoko(ESIAU, Mali), Cheick Diallo (Diallo Design, Mali), Boubacar Doumbia (Ndomo, Mali) ...