Festival sur le Niger 2024

Du 30 janvier au 04 février 2024

Theme : « Jenesse & Tradition »



Practical information

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TheModibo KEITA International Airport in Bamako is located at 230 km from Ségou, about 3 hours by bus and 2h30mn by taxi. Sévaré airport is located on the Bamako Gao highway, 15 km from Mopti and about 400 km from Ségou (4 hours by car and 6 hours by bus and taxi).
The roads linking Ségou to the big cities are asphalted and in good condition. For more convenience and to avoid spending too much time in the bus stations, you can rent a vehicle for the duration of your stay with various travel agencies in Bamako, Ségou or in other big cities.
From Ségou, a crossroads city which is located at the center of the main roads of Mali, all the tourist cities of our country (Mopti, Djenné, Bandiagara, Timbuktu, etc.) can be easily accessible by the bus which leaves regularly. The Comfort varies depending on the transport company chosen.


In Ségou, there are many bus stations :

SOMATRA Balanzan :
 The closest to the city center, located in front of the NianankoroFomba hospital, it is the company which provides the greatest number of connections with Bamako, but also towards Bamako, Mopti, Bandiagara, Sikasso and Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso).
•  The new Station :
Accessible from the road past NianankoroFomba Hospital, passes through the AN 2000 Avenue and is approximately 2 km away. This new bus station brings together many small companies :
•  Bani Transports :
•  Cars in the direction of Bamako, Mopti, Gao and Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso)
•  Diarra Transport : Cars towards Bamako, Koutiala
•  Coulibaly Transport

AN 2000 Street - near the Police Station, 2nd arrondissement - Cars in the direction of Bamako, Mopti, Gao, Koutiala, Cotonou (Benin), Niamey (Niger)
•  GHANA Transport
•  STV
•  Air Niono
•  Nour Transport
•  WassoMagni
•  Taxis :
Taxis are mostly found in the city center and on paved roads. If you need a taxi, it is recommended that you wait on one of the main roads (Boulevard AN 2000, RN6, Avenue de la jeunesse, etc.)
To leave the hotel, the staff can usually help you organize a taxi or driver according to your needs.
It is always possible to negotiate the price of transport with the driver by getting into the car (no meter).
•  Durunior collectivetaxis :
They serve all the main axes of the city on asphalt roads. This local form of transport is an alternative to the taxi, but if you wait, you risk losing a lot of time. Inexpensive and picturesque.
•  Donkey Carts / Fali wotoro :
 They are barely faster than a pedestrian, but if you are tired of walking or loaded, they can make your path more pleasant.

Carts are mainly used for transport in villages, but in Ségou the Tourist Guides and Boatmen Association (AGTPS) and travel agencies can organize a cart for you.
Do not hesitate to call a young carter on the road, he will take you for a small fee where you want. Make sure he understands where you want to go, though.
During and after the rainy season (from August to February) the boats operate between Koulikoro and Gao with a stopover in Ségou on Wednesday mornings. For more information on timetables and prices contact the office of the Malian Navigation Company (COMANAV) near the tourist information and documentation center.
•  Canoe
Crossing the river can be done by canoe. The first solution is not suited to tourist needs : on the way up you have to put your feet in the water and share the canoe with not only a lot of people, but also motorcycles or animals.
Picturesquebut comfortable. For more information, contact the Tourist Information and Documentation Center located on the banks of the Niger River at the Quai of Arts or the Office of the Council for the Promotion of the Local Economy (CPEL-Ségou)
Tel : 00 223 21 32 33 41. You can also get information from Papillon REIZEN Tel : 00223 76 68 91 15.

The post office is located at the entrance to the Administrative District, in Sokalakono near the Soroblé Center. You can send parcels or packages there. Obviously stamp collectors are always happy to receive colorful stamps from Mali.

There are many shops, grocery stores and supermarkets all over the city where you can stock up on everyday items. Some are more crowded : sweets or yoghurts… These places of trade are located around the Big Market (near the Big Mosque) and also near the crossroads of the big Hospital.


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