Festival on Niger 2022

Theme : « Arts & Maaya: What citizenship for Africa?»

From 01-06 February 2022


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Expert in art and culture management, specialized in the management of cultural industries

Notorious creative entrepreneur, expert in art and Culture management, Mamou DAFFE is part of a new generation of social leaders whose mission is to design projects and local operations with a strong economic, cultural and social impact. Since the beginning of his career in 1990, after a degree in Management of Organizations, Mr. DAFFE has quickly turned to business management. Since then, he has created and managed several private small and medium-sized structures in his areas of interest and training, including the refrigeration industry, tourism, hotels and cultural industries. In 2005, he founded the annual festival on the Niger River, which he directed until 2018, an artistic project to promote cultural expressions while stimulating the Malian economy through art. The Festival sur le Niger is ranked among the main cultural events of West Africa. Designer of the innovative entrepreneurial model "Maaya Entrepreneurship", a social entrepreneurial model based on humanistic values of Mali, he created in 2011, the Centre Culturel Kôrè of Ségou, a sub-regional reference center, for the development of arts and culture, specialized in Social Art and in the professionalization of artists and cultural actors in Mali and beyond. Nowadays, the Centre Culturel Kôrè is ranked among the centers of excellence of the continent. After chairing the pan-African network of cultural actors - Arterial Network - from 2015 to 2017, he founded with the great artists and cultural actors of the continent the first African Culture Fund (ACF) in 2018, of which he became the first Chairperson of the Board of Directors. Mamou Daffé is the Director of the Centre Culturel Kôrè and Artistic Advisor of Ségou’Art – Festival sur le Niger.

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